Virtual Reality At The Next Exhibition or Trade Show

Captivate Trade Show Attendees with Virtual & Augmented Reality

At trade shows, the competition can be fierce. Exhibitors are shoulder-to shoulder with other big names in their industry, trying to catch the attention of a shared audience.

That’s where virtual and augmented reality come into play. This emerging technology has novelty on its side, capturing the attention of attendees and creating an immersive experience that keeps booth visitors excited and involved.

In addition to building hype, virtual and augmented technology offers incredible functional value to exhibitors looking to showcase entire product lines, complete service offerings or an expansive portfolio, all within a limited booth space. Follow these tips to exhibit like a pro using cutting-edge technology.

Benefits of VR/AR at Trade Shows

There are many benefits to leveraging VR/AR at trade shows and we’ll highlight a few next.

However, keep in mind that crafting a VR/AR experience takes a lot of planning, preparation and troubleshooting. Make sure to clearly define your goals for using VR/AR technology at your event. Are you trying to reinforce your brand? Looking to drive leads through the presentations? Once established, carefully plan the presentation content around those goals.


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Engage Attendees

If you want to create a memorable experience for attendees, then it is important to share your brand’s story. VR/AR presentations are a way to engage visitors with thoughtful content, like a creative sales pitch that focuses on fulfilling their needs or company history trivia. Remember, creating VR/AR content is not enough, it must deeply resonate with your average consumer. Listen to their needs, and work from there.


We Help Create an Awesome Product Demo

Traditionally, product demos were limited to products that could be physically brought to the show, or displayed electronically via TV monitors. However, VR/AR technology allows exhibitors to break free of those confines and demo entire product lines regardless of the booth size or display capabilities.

For example, at EXHIBITORLive 2018, the Nimlok team brought exhibit designs to life using VR technology that allowed booth staff to create exhibits in real time. Additionally, VR/AR presentations can include large products such as vehicles or machinery, in-action views of products or services and more.

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