Iron Man VR Solves Virtual Reality’s Biggest Issue
September 2, 2019

The Iron Man VR demo at PAX West is one of the most popular games at the convention and by far the most difficult to get in to. Attendees that what to try to the game need to reserve a 15 minute appointment at exactly 8:30AM on the Experience Playstation App. Yesterday the game was completely booked for the day in 7 seconds. It may be difficult to get a spot, but I can tell you first hand, Iron Man VR is a fantastic virtual reality experience that takes mobility and puts it in the palm of your hands.


Everyone who has played a free-movement VR game knows the disconnect when they move their body in game but their real body stands still. Many VR games have tried to combat this by putting the character in a vehicle so that sitting still feels more natural, but Iron Man VR overcomes the problem in the best and most natural way: using the thrusters from your hands, you fly around just as Iron Man would, and it feels fantastic.


The demo, which is the same one that was on display at SDCC this summer, is a training course that let’s players freely fly around shooting down dropes and zipping through check points. Once you get the hang of propelling yourself with your hands, the game quickly adds additional layers such as speed boosters and a rocket punch. The gameplay is intuitive enough that pretty soon I was boosting straight up and double-blasting drones as I crested, before zooming down and banking off a wall to get the drop another enemy.


Iron Man is fast, possibly even nauseatingly fast for some, but I felt completely at him behind the familiar HUD in Iron Man’s Helmet, flying around and shooting energy blasts from my hands. While it remains to be seen how many unique levels end up in the game (and I’m told the on rails experience that as originally demo’d at E3 is far less engaging) I’m fully prepared to recommend the game just the training level alone. This is the Link’s Cross Bow Training of VR, and the will make an excellent introduction for your guest that want to see what virtual reality is all about.