Feel The Rhythm With The Beat Saber SUBPAC
September 10, 2019
Only a limited quantity will be made available.


Beat Saber has become quite the virtual reality (VR) phenomenon, mixing infectious tunes with addictive gameplay. But what could make that whole experience even better? More bass, haptic feedback, both? Well, that’s the aim with today’s announcement from Beat Games and SUBPAC, revealing a limited edition backpack to every thump and slice. 


Enter the Beat Saber x SUBPAC, a Beat Saber branded SUBPAC M2 which is on sale now for £299.00 for a limited time. The device has the same features as the original M2 model from 2016, with a frequency Response: 1-200Hz, a rechargeable Battery: 10.8V, 2300mAh Li-ion battery (6+ hours per charge), Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP Streaming, all weighing in at 5lbs 2oz (2.3kg).


The whole idea behind wearable haptics like SUBPAC is to make experiences like Beat Saber even more immersive, allowing players to feel the bass of music or the thump of in-game interactions. For the likes of rhythm action titles like Beat Saber that extra immersion could also lead to improved reaction times and higher scores.


“Our mission with Beat Saber is for people to physically experience music in the most powerful way possible across any age and ability, said Jaroslav Beck, Head of Music of Beat Games in a statement. “I use SUBPAC in the studio, I know it’s the right technology to elevate this mission.”


“It’s our goal to create a new standard in immersion – deep physical immersion,” said John Alexiou, co-founder of SUBPAC. “Jaroslav and the Beat Saber team have created an incredible music-driven VR experience that we are proud to collaborate with. We take it to the next level.”


While that may sound awesome dropping £299 on a vibrating backpack may not be possible for everyone. Which is why Beat Games will also be running a competition via its social media channels for fans to win a Beat Saber x SUBPAC.


By the sound of things, this won’t be the last collaboration between the two companies either, with hints of future projects. Last month the studio released the OST Vol.3 update adding more songs and features to the title.