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VR and AR may finally realize their potential.

The augmented and virtual reality markets finally realize their potential The growth in VR/AR eyewear stalled in recent years, following the high […]


Virtual reality in nursing education

This article looks at how virtual reality is used as a training tool as part of nursing education. But if you want […]


ARize 2.6: What’s new

 ARize  August 28, 2019 Arize AR platform is coming with new features and upgrades in order to satisfy all our users’ and creators’ […]


Deploy A Virtual Reality Haunted House Experience For Company Halloween Event

Written By: Ariel BerdugoAriel@deployvr.com It’s the season of scares and everyone is in search of a terrifying haunted house experience. If you’re […]

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Why VR Escape Room Are Perfect for Team Building at Work

Slaying Dragons Will Benefit Your Team By: Erik Hyrkas Erik@deployvr.com As the world shifts to more remote work environments and digital conferencing, […]


Virtual Reality in Employee Onboarding

Written By: Ariel Berdugo Ariel@deployvr.com Virtual reality has been making waves in gaming and consumer spaces for a while now, but it’s […]


Deploy Virtual Reality Escape Room Arena for your next company event.

Written By: Ariel Berdugo Ariel@deployvr.com Deploy a Virtual Reality Escape Room for Your Next Company Event Escape rooms are becoming a popular […]

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The Fascinating Math Behind Virtual Reality

Category: Tech September 17, 2019 Have you experienced VR – Virtual Reality? This is a 3D VR180 video, which means you can […]


Alex Wellerstein Talks NUKEMAP VR

Category: ENTERTAINMENT September 17, 2019 Screenshots showing the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and virtual reality versions of NUKEMAP. It is no exaggeration to claim […]


Hands-On With Manus Prime Haptic Gloves

Category:  Tech September 17, 2019 For such a high-end kit, the demo was a little underwhelming.   Virtual reality (VR) is all […]