360 Google Spotlight Stories: HELP

Our first live action story takes place in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, where a meteor shower has left a deep scar on the streets of Chinatown. Panic, fear and an alien sends a young woman scrambling to escape. Directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Star Trek Beyond). 2016 Webby Award Winner for Advertising & Media: Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics 2016 Communication Arts Interactive Winner for “Tablet & Handheld Devices” 2016 ADC Awards Winner for “Branded Content & Entertainment”


Directed by Justin Lin, Executive Producers Todd Makurath Sal Gatdula Phillip Chung Karen Dufilho Regina Dugan Rachid El Guerrab Line Producer Diane Castrup Visual Effects Supervisor Alex Vegh Director of Photography Claudio Miranda Gyula Pados Phedon Papamichael Production Designer Don Burt Score Composed By The Crystal Method Sound Designer Peter Brown Girl Lauren Elise Cop Sung Kang VFX Supervisor Gawain Liddiard Visual Effects Producer Leighton Greer Technical Innovations Manager Tawfeeq Martin Google Spotlight Stories Producer: David Eisenmann; Creative Director: Jan Pinkava; Music Production by Pollen Music Group; Sound Supervisor: Scot Stafford; 360 Music Mixer: Scot Stafford; Re-Recording Mixer: Jamey Scott Software Lead: James Ritts; Engine Lead: James Beattie; Tools Lead: Brendan Duncan; Engineering Manager: Brian Clark; Program Manager: Ellen Yang; Technical Artists: Brian Collins, Matthew Oursbourn; Software Engineers: Darren Austin, Amrit Dharwadkar, Ryan Enslow, Andrea Hemphill, Tim Leahy, Timothy Richards, Jeff Ridenour, Guruji Panda, Shaveen Kumar, Jamieson Pryorl; Amrit Dharwadkar, Jeff Ridenour; CG Generalist: Kye Wan Sung, Derrick Lau; Graphics Engineers: Brad Blanchard, Jeremy Chernobieff, Daniel Jeppsson, Houman Meshkin, Owens Rodriguez; Tools Engineers: Morgwn McCarty; Compositor: Bryan Woods; QA Engineers: Ravi Aluru, Jose Camba, Zhichao Ren; Audio Software Engineer: Wayne Jackson; Production Art Assistant: Robinson Wood Google ATAP Deputy Director: Dan Kaufman; Director of Operations: Holly Lim; Director, Strategy and Partnerships: Cameron Walker; Financial Analyst: Jonathan Bradley; Chief of Staff: Rachel Lillestolen; Program Administration: Matthew Yonaki; Corporate Council: Tom Lue, Zachary Patton, Noah Richmond; Marketing: Jessica Beavers; Communications Managers: Victoria Cassady, Iska Saric; Social Media Manager: Jaime Schember; Public Relations: Fumi Kitahara Otto; Production Assistant: Sara Diamond The Mill Executive Producer: Sue Troyan; Associate Producer: David Lawrence; 2D Supervisor: Daniel Thuresson; 2D Leads: Jason Bergman, Elliott Brennan, Ben Smith; 3D Asset Lead: Krystal Sae Eua; FX Lead: Ashraf Ghoniem; Lighting & Rendering Lead: Sean Durnan; Title Designer David C. P. Chan Creature Designer Aaron Ingold Practical Magic Producer: Matt Lewis; Engineer: Bob Bristow

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