North County San Diego VR/AR Startup Attending 2019 ComicCon FutureTechLive at the Omni Hotel

DeployVR, an Encinitas-based virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startup focusing on development and event hosting, has two booths at Comic-Con 2019. Located in the FutureTechLive event, on the fourth floor of the Omni San Diego Hotel, Deploy’s demonstrations showcase the value of VR and AR technology for education, entertainment, and marketing in the 21st century. One demo allows visitors to engage in a VR Art Battle using Google’s VR drawing and painting software. The other features an “escape room” type game called Dragon Tower, where players must work together cooperatively to slay a dragon.

“It is so exciting to be here at our first ComicCon helping everyone have a great time, and it’s especially gratifying to be here at the 50th anniversary,” says cofounder Sam Benhamo, a North County local entrepreneur. “We are passionate about everything VR and AR and we’re dedicated to showing people the true potential of this technology.”

The demos at ComicCon are just the beginning of what the company can do. DeployVR is committed to developing unique experiences in entertainment, education and business development using cutting-edge equipment and strategic planning. Their team takes care of planning, setup, implementation and breakdown, so that clients can focus on their own event attendees and on having a good time themselves. “Our goal,” Sam says, “is to turn average events into extraordinary events, and provide end-to-end XR solutions.”

If you’re going to ComicCon this weekend, make sure to put FutureTechLive and DeployVR on your schedule.

Event Details: 2019 ComicCon FutureTechLive Event at Omni San Diego Hotel When: July 18 – 21 ( 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Where: Omni San Diego Hotel – Fourth Floor

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